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Welcome to Two Hearts Natural Horsemanship!

Here at Two Hearts we believe any horse can benefit from Natural Horsemanship whether it's just improving ground manners, easing boredom or needing to be started under saddle. I specialize in helping owners that are faced with severe behavioral problems, but all horses and owners from all backgrounds are welcome. In addition to naturally focused training, there are other aspects of horse ownership such as balanced diet, shoeing/trimming, chiropractic, saddle fit and dental condition that can impact horse behavior. The whole horse is considered during training which in turn brings out the best in your partner.

Feel free to take a few moments to view the rest of my site and see what Two Hearts Natural Horsemanship is all about and what we offer. Should you have any questions please Contact Me or join us on Facebook.  

Thanks for stopping by! Your horse will be glad you did!  

 Update 11/1/12: TIER Horse Rescue still needs our help, Two Hearts is still donating funds from lessons/training to help the horses and Gail (the founder of TIER).  Please see, for more info on how you can help out!


Rachael Brouelette ~  Official Wrangler for "Rebel" in  Southern California's Most Popular Production of The Nutcracker