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About My Horses

This section is about my horses and their stories of how they came into my life. 

This is Royal, my very first horse, my teacher, my 4 - legged soul mate and the love of my life. Eight years ago I went out in search of a horse. I knew I wanted a rescue, mainly because I knew how many unwanted and unloved horses were out there that needed homes. (Click on Royal's name to see his pics from the rescue) His last home before TIER rescue saved his life was not a happy one. He was abused, neglected (emotionally), run into the ground when someone actually tried to ride. An alcoholic purchased him from the feedlot the first time Royal ended up on a feedlot. That’s when he was treated poorly. Being left for long periods of time where nobody came to see him and when they did he was abused. Well Royal didn’t stay long there because the man that bought him went through a messy divorce and in turn took Royal back to the feedlot.

There he waited. Not knowing what his fate would be once again. Then TIER stepped in and rescued him.

I fell in love with this sweet boy and after several visits to TIER the choice was made to bring him home. His sensitive nature and eager to please attitude came out quickly once we were able to get him settled in and start a new routine. Poor guy was very skittish and over reactive. Thought plastic bags were surely going to eat him alive. If you sneezed he’d react, he was head shy and basically acted like a “typical” Arab.

I started the Parelli 7 Games with him the next day after he came home. He caught on very quickly and showed just how incredibly intelligent he was. Instinct and fear based reactions to things like plastic bags, fly masks, legs wraps, (anything that made a crinkle sound)  started to go away. Royal was building confidence and learning to trust me.

Our whole journey hadn’t been a skip through the daisies mind you. But it had changed a scared, unconfident, horse that nobody wanted into a beautiful, calm, gentle, brave, trustworthy partner that is loved dearly. I miss him terribly... RIP My Beloved Royal.


This handsome guy is Elessar. He is my second horse and was given to me as a last chance home about 7 years ago. He had been deamed crazy by a veterinarian in Utah and was going to be euthanized. I am incredibly thankful to have this guy. He has taught me so much and continues to do so on a daily basis. Elessar is special in his own right and I hope he and I can continue through level 3 & 4 together. He is a horse that has made such a HUGE turn around. Before I got him he was badly abused and had major trust issues and was deathly afraid of everything. He is just so sweet now and such a confident horse its amazing. I enjoy going out to play with him as he does so well with the obsticals and is getting more and more playful and creative each day. Next on the list of things to do is getting more riding time in and working on being fluid together. He's so much bigger than Royal it was difficult to go from 14.2 to his 17.1 but I am getting more and more used to it. ;)



This pretty girl is Fancy. She was my 3rd rescue horse that I only had for a couple years. I was fortunate enough to take her on and rehabilitate her from life long man handling. She wasn't understood at all and she was an incredibly sensitive mare. Fancy is a sweet mare but had major trust issues as well and had explosive reactions if she wasnt handled properly. I am very happy to say that I was able to find her a great home with another PNH student and she is very loved and well taken care of. I get updates from time to time. It was hard to let her go since I had grown attached but I simply did not have the proper amount of time or finances for 3 horses that were all in various stages of PNH. I think of her often and wonder about her progress. I know with consistent handling and progressing through PNH she has the potential to be a wonderful partner. Sending loving thoughts your way my little Fancy-doodle!



 Last but not least here is Rainman! Rainy is my mom's horse and she too also adopted him from TIER Rescue. When TIER saved him he was starved nearly to death and was skin and bones. As you can see he is beautiful now! (Click on his name to take you to his before pictures taken by the rescue)

Rainy moved to Tennessee with Mom & Dad when they had to move 3 years ago for my Dad's job. I really miss the little guy. He was so much fun to play with and I also miss being able to do PNH with my mom. She was my study buddy and we always went to all the PNH events together. Since he's been out in Tennessee he now has 5 acres to stroll around on with his new brother "Bear". Bear is a tank of a quarter horse and they truly have a relationship that looks like Gilligan and the Skipper since Rainy has always been little due to starvation at an early age. Rainy is mostly a pasture puff these days but I am hoping that mom can get a round pen so she can brush him up on his games and officially get through level 1 and 2 OL skills. He likes to have a job and can be so silly! I love you Wainna Wains!!!